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Discover how we underscore dedication to oncology into an era of a more personalized approach to medicine.


This year in Barcelona we will be showcasing new solutions that increase workflow automation, confidence, consistency and accuracy in cancer treatment, by producing quality results in less time and enhancing patient-centric care.



You can learn more about our dedicated solutions in radiation oncology by scheduling a demo at the Philips booth #1100 during the exhibition hours.

3rd ESTRO Forum


April 24th-28th


CCIB, Rambla Prim 1-17, Barcelona


Booth # 1100

Innovations at ESTRO 2015

Philips Lunch Symposium: Innovations in Therapy Guidance

Philips is hosting a satellite lunch symposium during ESTRO 2015. All delegates are welcome to attend. Seats are limited on a first-come, first served basis. Please arrive early to ensure your seat

Monday, April 27th 13:15-14:30

CCIB, Level 1, Meeting room 113

MRCAT generation for MR-only based Radiation Therapy Planning

Steffen Renisch, PhD

Senior Scientist, Philips Research

Clinical perspectives on MR-only simulation

Uulke A. van der Heide, PhD

Medical Physicist, Group Leader, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam

The science behind Auto-Planning

Karl Bzdusek - Research Scientist, Philips Healthcare

Human vs. Machine? Early impressions of Auto-Planning

Prof. Matthias Guckenberger, MD, Director of Department, University Hospital Zurich


Fully integrated imaging and treatment planning

With our fully integrated approach for radiation oncology imaging and treatment planning, Philips is committed to providing seamless solutions that help improve accuracy and increase workflow efficiency and return on investment.

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Oncology is a uniquely multifaceted, evolving field. How can you keep up to date with the latest trends, breakthroughs, and best practices?


Check out Hot Spot digital magazine dedicated to informing and inspiring the oncology community.


Through quarterly editions, we are sharing experiences from the people at the heart of cancer care who are shaping its future.

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