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MR User Meeting 2015

September 24th – September 25th | Amsterdam, NL | NH Barbizon Hotel

2- day international meeting

The MR User Meeting is Philips’ annual scientific and educational appointment bringing together radiologists from all over the world to share experiences with other MR users.


Join us in Amsterdam, ‘meet the experts’ in plenary sessions with live demonstration on post processing cases, or attend hands-on clinical workshops with MR post processing cases on the IntelliSpace Portal to learn how our innovative tools and technologies can help you perform clinical consults, recommend the best imaging, and provide the quantitative information to the entire care team.


To register please contact a Philips representative.


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Working with you to improve efficiency and clinical decisions

We understand that providing quality healthcare means balancing many needs. You need high quality images for fast, confident decision-making. Seamless collaboration is critical so that information gets to the right person quickly. And patients demand quality, more personalized care that addresses their needs for comfort and dose management.


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Supporting your success within the health continuum


Our solutions span the health continuum, from living a healthy lifestyle to supporting care at home. Confident diagnoses and high quality, cost-effective treatment are at the heart of this health continuum. We partner with you to develop meaningful imaging innovations that integrate technology with data analytics, consulting and services — allowing the entire care team to more effectively manage disease and patient outcomes.


Our Solutions


With a wide variety of patients and large range of clinical indications, you need MRI that can perform with digital clarity & speed in many clinical circumstances. With our MRI solutions, you can meet today’s healthcare challenges.

Clinical Case Map

Now, you can see proof of the power of dStream, the Philips broadband digital MR architecture that helps you get information consistently, in the same time.

The interactive dStream Clinical Case Map shows you real clinical cases from dStream users that illustrate how dStream brings digital clarity and speed to MR imaging. You can choose to view cases by clinical area, field strength or your imaging need.



The dStream Clinical Case Map is a remarkable way to appreciate the power of dStream. Visit it now – and be prepared to be amazed.



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