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The growing trend towards image-guided, minimally invasive therapies calls for integrated solutions that enable physicians to optimally perform procedures, while offering patients the least amount of trauma and shortest path to recovery.


Partnering with Image Stream Medical, we have expanded our hybrid suite and interventional lab solutions to now include integrated audio and video, and live streaming technologies. Physicians will have access to real-time information from a range of technologies at their fingertips—inside or out of the procedureroom—making interventional X-ray and other procedures more efficient and easier to perform.


The result is a connected, collaborative environment, enabled by secure and easy data sharing both in the hospital and remotely. Paired with our consultancy and clinical informatics solutions, these enhancements to our live-image guidance offering reflect our ongoing commitment to improving care at every step of the health continuum.

Image Stream Medical

For more information on the Philips and Image Stream Medical partnership, read the press release here.

“Our partnership with Image Stream Medical is a  natural extension  of our current offering. This addition further reinforces our commitment to connecting care  across the health continuum.”  

—Gene Saragnese, executive vice president and CEO, Imaging Systems, Philips

Improve efficiency, ease staff demands and enhance confidence


Combining our live-imaging guidance solutions with Image Stream Medical’s streaming video/audio and data tracking technologies, providers and staff have greater insight at each step of the procedure—improving workflow and enhancing patient outcomes.

improve efficiency

See how connecting technologies inside and out of the lab can help you focus on what’s most important—delivering better patient care.

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—John Q. Doe, CEO, Image Stream Medical

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