Recycling passports

Recycling passports
Computed tomography

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Please find herewith the recycling passports for Computed tomography products.

Brilliance CT Scanners

Ingenuity CT Gantry P/N 4598-001-22671
Brilliance iCT Bariatric Patient Support P/N 4535-675-34241
Brilliance iCT Gantry P/N 4535-675-34481
Brilliance iCT Patient Support P/N 4535-675-34041
Brilliance CT Computer Cabinet P/N 4535-671-49401
Brilliance CT Gantry P/N 4535-671-49361
Brilliance CT Patient Support P/N 4535-671-49371
Brilliance CT Bariatric Patient Support P/N 4535-674-44201
Brilliance CT Reconstruction Cabinet P/N 4535-671-49391
Brilliance Everywhere Portal P/N 4550-197-02101
Brilliance Mobile Network P/N 4550-197-02431
Extended Brilliance Workspace P/N 4535-673-47811
CT XS Tube P/N 9806-058-00102
Brilliance iCT Extended Patient Support P/N 4598-000-81021
Brilliance Extended Patient Support P/N 4598-000-70691

MX Dual Products (Philips & Neusoft)

MX 6000 Dual Model No. 989605651341
MX 4000 Dual Model No. 989605651351
MX 4000  

Chorus 16 Product (Philips & Neusoft)

MX 16-slice Model No. 989605656511


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